Video Production

We’ve created many memorable and effective videos for our clients such as broadcast television commercials, corporate sales videos, how-to videos, safety videos and training videos.

With the industry transition to High Definition we now shoot exclusively in HD 1080i and 1080p formats.

We can provide a wide variety of shooting packages ranging from one-camera shoots to multi-camera requiring a group of professionals trained in camera, lighting and sound operations.

Does your project require usage of material shot in legacy formats such as DVCAM or BetaSP? No problem, we still have a full suite of equipment in older broadcast formats.


We own multiple High Definition Sony broadcast quality cameras as well as Canon 5D Mark II cameras that utilize 35mm full frame sensors.


Post Production and editing is performed with the latest suite of Adobe production tools including Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects. We also us NewTek TriCaster products for live event production and web streaming in the field. 


Your final product can be delivered in virtually any format required from tape formats to DVD and BlueRay. We also offer digital delivery in formats such as H264, MPEG, AVI, Quicktime, Windows Media, Adobe Flash or formats optimized for smart phones and tablet computers.


We are an industry leader in action sports videography. In 2006 we introduced our system for producing live events in the action sports and BMX industries - the first of its kind. Using our Newtek TriCaster system we switch between multiple live cameras, using special effects, titles and custom graphics. Final output is recorded to hard drive for later playback, editing and duplication. Our live event system can be used for meetings, music events and action sports. We also developed a BMX video web site for members to view events from across the nation. That web site is BMXONTV.COM.

Do you need your product or event taped for television broadcast? We have extensive background in producing shows for Television. We have taped, produced and edited the Big Joe Polka Show since 2005. We have filmed the polka show in Texas, Minnesota, New York and Nebraska. The productions include six broadcast cameras, high-end digital switching and recording equipment, and an eight-person crew for each event. We have edited and produced over 80, one-hour shows that have been aired four times per week on RFD-TV. We also film and produce the National Cattledog Finals television show which debuted in High Definition on RFDHD Television in September 2011.


We are also an leader in action sports webcasting. Our webcast from Reno, Nevada of the ABA BMX Blackjack Nationals in September of 2006 marked the first time a BMX race was viewed worldwide, live on the internet. Over 12,000 viewers tuned in to our ground breaking event. Since that historic weekend, we have webcasted events in over 20 cities nationwide, for an average of over 4,000 viewers per weekend.

Contact us at 402-341-5423 to write, shoot & produce your next video or webcast. You will be impressed.